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Lintec is a leading company in the field of digital printing. A wide-ranging product line-up is available and includes printing materials, pressure-sensitive laminating, and mounting films. Capable of fully supporting its customers in the production of originally designed visual materials to be used on outdoor signboards and vehicle body advertisements, as well as window displays, wall covering and other elements of interior decoration.

Products Line-up

This is a visual marking system that enables high-quality image output with large format digital printers. Its line-ups cover a wide range of printing materials, pressure-sensitive laminating, mounting films and other materials.

These laminating products protect output images, which enhance the appearance, durability, and antifouling property.

These printing materials are compatible with various types of inkjet printers.

  • For solvent inkjet printers

  • For UV curable inkjet printers

  • For Latex inkjet printers

These are an original, digital printed wall covering with an embossed surface that enables output with a solvent and Latex inkjet printer.

These products reinforce the backside images or mounting images on a substrate from outside or inside.

Suggestions by Applications

For visual marking by digital printing, output methods and material selection are needed appropriately to suit the applications of signboards, terms of usage, place of installation, and other criteria. Here we present some of the required performance features and examples for each application.

Interior decoration: Windows

This application needs high transparent art display film for glass that enables original designs to be printed by large-format digital printing. When making window graphic displays on glass, not only the printed designs but also the retention of glass transparency is important. Our products are manufactured in a clean environment plant, and a wide-ranging product line-up is available, including non-PVC and other eco-friendly and removable products. Other functions such as shatterproof and UV protection can be achieved by combining with laminating film. Three types of inkjet printing can be selected from to suit your needs - solvent, UV curable or Latex ink.


Outdoor Signage

For outdoor signage, the optimal output method and material selection are needed, considering outdoor durability, printing size, distance from viewers, lighting (from interior and exterior), and the need for removability.


Indoor Signage

No outdoor durability is required with indoor signage, but they are seen at a close distance and therefore require even higher information-conveying properties. As such, high dpi, image reproducing properties and design are important.
Special materials may also be required to suit the application, such as banner, signage for pole advertisement and floor marking.


Train and Vehicle Wrapping

For vehicle wrapping application such as bus, truck, train advertisement, Removable materials are often used. In addition to outdoor durability, image quality, antifouling property and flexibility to follow curved surfaces are required.


Interior Decoration: Wall Covering

Lintec has long been a producer of fire-retardant media for industrial applications. We have leveraged this capability into producing a textured, fireproof, inkjet printable wall covering. Instead of choosing gravure printing patterns prepared from sample books, highly original wall covering that utilize photos and illustrations can be output. As such, small-lot wall covering of original prints can be produced at low cost and in a short delivery time.

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