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3DGD-1800 is a large-scale 3D printer oriented to the creation of three-dimensional and formative signages, and prints objects of sizes up to 1,450 x 1,110 x 1,800 mm (57.1 x 43.7 x 70.9") (W x D x H).

Featuring the "Gel Dispensing Printing" technology, 3DGD-1800 extrudes gel-type UV curable resin lineally, laminating layers instantly by curing the resin with ultraviolet irradiation, resulting in a printing speed of 350 mm in height per hour.
Since two heads are mounted, it is possible to produce two different objects at a time.

Since the printed objects are white in color, the additional decor may be applied to the exterior as a finishing touch with Mimaki inkjet printers to produce impressive three-dimensional signages.

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