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The 3DUJ-2207 is a Compact 3D printer with full-color modeling capabilities, able to produce more than 10 million colors through the UV curing inkjet method, which achieves high-definition color expression that is about twice that of the binder jetting (plaster powder) method. 

The richness of color expression, which has been difficult to achieve with post-molding coloration, makes it ideal for use in fields that require precise prototypes, such as figure and toy designs, architectural models, and home appliances, where the slightest difference in color in industrial design can give an impression.

The 3DUJ-2207 has a compact design, can be loaded into an elevator without disassembling, has a small footprint, and a quiet design with a deodorizer*, making it ideal for installation in office environments.

*Dedicated stand and deodorizer are optional (sold separately).

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